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Challenged by economic resource reductions at a time when SNAP or Food Stamp eligibility caseloads (and fraud) are increasing? Equifax Verification Services provides instant help. With access to millions of current payroll records, we provide real-time income information to streamline on-the-spot eligibility and quarterly reviews.

TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Agencies are stretched to manage increasing caseloads with staff reductions and flat budgets; which results in delays in assistance and overpayment errors. That’s why welfare agencies find Equifax Verification Services to be a valuable tool -- providing accurate, instant income information for timely service delivery.

As states continue to redesign service definitions and eligibility requirements, you need a trusted source of income information for Medicaid determination – a provider that can deliver the most consistent and current view of your Medicaid applicant’s financial situation.

Don’t allow incorrect or unreported income to be a factor in your rent calculations – use Equifax Verification Services to manage housing eligibility, program integrity and recovery efforts for increased performance and compliance.

Social Security Administration
Use current income information to ensure you’re making accurate social security disability determinations and reviews – with Equifax Verification Services, you’ll deliver better decisions for the individual and increased program integrity..

Need current employment for job locates and 30-, 60-, 90-day benchmark evaluations on your clients that received Workforce Training? Let Equifax Verification Services locate and track income and employment on your students to relieve your manual burden and prove program success.

Child Support Enforcement
As child support becomes harder to enforce during tough economic times, let Equifax Verification Services help. We have millions of current employment records on our service, allowing you to easily search by SSN.