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Let Equifax Verification Services Track Your Graduates Employment Status – Making Your Job Easier!

It’s critical for your Workforce Center to know where your students secure employment and to easily track their growth. It helps you gauge the success of your training programs, comply with federal guidelines, and improve agency performance and reporting. Equifax Verification Services has the critical, and often missing, employment and income piece.

Equifax is the largest provider of employer provided income information – maintaining nearly 55 million current employment records. We partner with over 4,300 employers nationwide to handle employment verifications on their behalf. Agencies can access over millions of current and historical payroll records to confirm and track critical placement information.

Equifax verifications provide complete employment detail that allows agencies to confirm necessary employment information including job title, hours worked, rate of pay – each pay period. Our service rapidly verifies income information – online or in batch – which decreases phone calls to employers, reduces manual surveys and provides objective 3rd party documentation for reporting and reviews. In addition, Equifax Verification Services can set employment alerts that will proactively notify your agency of changes in employment to track client movement and program success.

Stay ahead of your graduates’ employment -- use Equifax Verification Services.

Express Service – Instantly look up client with just an SSN.
Batch Service – Run your entire caseload with ease.
The Work Number Alert – Monitor your entire caseload on a monthly or quarterly basis, you set the timeframe.