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A New Resource to Reduce Overpayments

Of course you'd like to reduce overpayments of unemployment insurance benefits. Did you know that the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH) and quarterly wage matches aren't the only way to achieve your goal?

Thousands of private lenders already know this: you can get instant employment and income data on nearly a third of all applicants. And what private lenders can do for their loan applicants, a department of insurance can do for its claimants. The result: quick and more detailed warning of possible overpayments.

Equifax Verification Services leverages The Work Number®, giving you access to data from over 3,800 employers, covering over 30% of the U.S. workforce. Agencies can take advantage of this database by providing a file covering all beneficiaries and learn overnight which ones have recently started work, and how much they are making.

The data is as fresh as the last paycheck. You can stop improper benefits weeks before NDNH or quarterly wage data uncovers the new job.

Many beneficiaries are simply confused about how long they are allowed to collect benefits. The most common form of overpayment is claimants who collect benefits after they find a new job. But those benefits, once paid, are difficult to collect.

The investment to check your beneficiaries all of them against this national database will result in reduced overpayments with detection of employment months in advance of existing data sources.

Contact us as with "overpayment prevention" in the subject line to learn more.

Newsletter: October 2014

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