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Quickly Run Your Entire Portfolio

Run your entire caseload against The Work Number® database to locate recent changes of employment or uncover unreported income.

Pay for what you need: You set the filters so you receive only information of value to you, such as active employment matches only or new activity after a given date. No matter how many SSNs you send, you pay only for actionable data. If your budgeting is a concern, you can also arrange per-SSN pricing and send a set number of SSNs each period.

Get fresh information: The information Equifax Verification Services provides is based on employers’ most recent payroll data. That means you have an independent, third party source of up-to-date data.  Unlike federal and state databases, Equifax delivers data as recent as the last weekly or monthly payroll from over 4,300 employers nationwide – millions of current employment records.

Locate Place of Employment: For child support workers in particular, Equifax can help you locate non-custodial parents by giving you insight to their most recent place of employment. The batch service allows you to search for new developments for a segment or your entire caseload.

Prevent fraud: Monitor your case load for new developments in that can help detect when clients have started working and make sure only the truly deserving continue to receive benefits.

Improve quality control efforts: Eliminate errors in your caseload by using the batch service as a quality assurance tool. The batch service is a cost-effective tool for biannual re-certifications or re-determinations and is highly effective for processing non-or zero-income cases, or those with a high probability for error, such as cases including other working adults in the household.

Improve efficiency: The Batch service is a highly cost effective tool. You establish rates per “hit” first, based on volume and frequency. Once you’ve started using the service, you only pay for hits – employment results that you receive based on your filters. Based on minimal investment of time and effort and modest cost, you have access to information that can have a significant impact on accuracy.

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