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Locate Clients with Just an SSN

Search by SSN to instantly locate clients’ current place of employment or uncover unreported income, based on the most recent payroll data from over 3,800 employers.  Because you get the information you need instantly, you can provide better service by enrolling clients immediately after confirming income and employment information.   

Uncover Unreported Income:  With the express service, you enter only the SSN and Equifax Verification Services immediately informs you of available information. The express service SSN Verification feature provides a powerful tool for improving program accuracy and delivering benefits only to those who truly deserve them.

Pay for what you need: You choose the information you need, depending on whether you need current or historical employment information.

Locate Place of Employment: For child support workers in particular, Equifax can help you locate non-custodial parents by giving you insight to their most recent place of employment. Equifax provides information direct from the payroll data provided by over 4,300 employers nationwide.

Speed enrollment: Because our express service provides an instant response, you can confirm employment and income information immediately and complete enrollment more effectively.

Get new information: The information Equifax provides is based on employers’ most recent payroll data. That means you have an independent, third party source of up-to-date data.  Unlike federal and state databases, Equifax delivers data as recent as the last weekly or monthly payroll.

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