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Why The Work Number?


" My staff loves the immediate response they get from Equifax Verification Services, which saves them time when doing case reviews. "
- Patricia Moore, Program Administrator, State of North Carolina

" Equifax Verification Services enables our sites to get the information they need more efficiently. With the help of Equifax we are able to complete our work load in 1 day rather than waiting 5 to 7 days. Equifax Verification Services is extremely easy and quick to use - we love it! "
- Lucy Hill, Richman Property Services

" Equifax Verification Services is an innovative approach to third-party verification. The system is sophisticated and the service is extremely dependable. We can rely on Equifax to meet all of our verification requirements. I would strongly recommend that any employer use Equifax as their verifier. "
- E. Alvarez, Post-employment Coordinator, Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey

"Equifax Verification Services helps us provide: better customer service and faster processing of claims, time savings for workers, uniform format reduces error rates in reading wages, real time data, validated other client information, primary source of income for both state and QC"
- Food & Nutrition Unit Manager, State of Georgia

"The database has grown so much and expanded to include more and more mid-sized employers so now eligibility workers can find the information they need and they trust that information."
- Connie Ward, Missouri Division of Family Services