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Instructions - Express Membership Agreement

Thank you for choosing The Work Number® for your employment verifications. Below are the steps for completing the enrollment process.

  1. Fill out the Express Membership Agreement. All pages are required in order to process your request for this fee-based service.
    The fee for a pay date summary (SSN Search) is $3.75; the fee for an Income Verification is $9.95. We offer a volume discount to anyone who does more than 100 verifications a month: contact us for volume pricing.
  2. Read and confirm that the information on the Agreement is correct and that you wish to subscribe to our fee-based service.
  3. Provide documentation which verifies that you qualify for this service.
    • Refer to the Qualifications section of the contract to learn more about supporting documentation.
    • Any documentation provided must show the name of your agency.
  4. Sign the printed agreement and fax the entire copy with your documentation to 'Social Services' at