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Property Management

Accelerate your tenant screening process while reducing risk

With home buying tapering off in the wake of the mortgage crisis, it's no surprise that the demand for rental property is flourishing. Property managers know the severe financial impact that delinquent accounts, evictions and property damage can have on their rental investments, and increasingly they're turning to third-party verifications to infuse critical decisioning data into their tenant screening processes.

Credit scores are an excellent indicator of an applicant's payment history, but only verified employment and income can provide a real-time indicator of current capacity to pay. Equifax Verification Services helps property managers verify employment and income quickly and with confidence, as the information in our database comes directly from employers and is as fresh as the most-recent payroll cycle. And as a complete employment verification service, our capabilities extend beyond our instant data to include researched verifications and self-employed worker verifications—all of which are performed in a streamlined and consistent manner for optimal results in the shortest possible timeframe.

In the past, many property managers have skipped employment and income verifications, or relied solely on applicant-provided data. Today, there's a better solution that mitigates your risk without adding significant time or work to your screening process. Today, there's Equifax Verification Services.

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