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Business Verification

Effectively mitigating risk helps safeguard your company from financial losses, but without the right tools you're flying blind. With Business Verification Services from Equifax, actionable data is at your fingertips. We provide the information you need to objectively balance risk versus reward and remove the guesswork from you decision process.

We offer an industry leading, fully automated solution for confirming deposits and assets held in accounts by corporate entities or in the personal accounts of the business' principals. In addition, we are the industry leader in IRS tax transcript fulfillment for both individual tax information and business filings. Furthermore, Equifax can verify an Employer Identification Number (EIN). We can rapidly validate your client-provided EIN and verify a match with the business name. Any EIN/name combination returned as "invalid" or "no-match" immediately waterfalls to a manual verification step, whereby a verification specialist reaches out to the business directly.

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