About Verifications

A verification allows you to prove you are employed and prove your income. Whenever you borrow money you will likely be asked by the lender how much you make and where you are employed. You may be asked for this information when you move into an apartment, apply for a job or request aid from a social service agency.

With The Work Number, verifying agencies are able to access your information quickly and easily online, any day of the week.  Allowing you to make life choices at your pace, without having to wait for your employer to provide information.

Verifiers or verifying agencies – the organizations that need this information from you – generally know The Work Number. Over 70,000 verifiers have accounts with The Work Number. They include social service agencies such as HUD, Social Service Administration, and public agencies in all 50 states. Nearly all major financial institutions in the U.S. have accounts as well.

In most cases, you only need to give your permission to the verifying agency; in much the same way you might give permission to someone to check your credit rating. The verifier can log in to their account and download the information online. The online process is faster and more convenient for both you and the verifier. It’s faster and easier than passing paperwork back and forth between the verifier and your employer.

How to Provide Proof of Your Employment:

  • These instructions apply if you want someone to verify your employment only (no income).
  • Provide your verifier with your Social Security Number and the name of your employer.
  • Tell your verifier to visit www.theworknumber.com and register inside the verifier area.


Printable Worksheet

Once registered, they will be able to verify your Employment (no income) in a matter of minutes through a secure web connection.

That's it ... two simple steps.