Learn More About The Work Number

You’re in Good Company –Thousands of employers nationwide are a part of The Work Number, including over 82% of the Fortune 500 and the majority of federal government civilian employers.

You’re FCRA-Protected – The same law that governs access to your credit information also governs how we handle your information on The Work Number.  That means many controls are in place, by law, to protect your privacy. The law is known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA.

You’ll Get Better Service – The Work Number is available to those needing your information, the verifiers, 24 hours a day.  No waiting for your lender or landlord to exchange paperwork with your employer to close the deal.

We Control Access – No one can obtain any of the information on The Work Number unless they have a permissible purpose. Their permissible purpose must meet FCRA requirements. And we keep a record for you of everyone who views your information.

Your Confidentiality is Protected – The old-fashioned way, someone needing a verification on you, might start with them calling your employer and explaining why they need to check on your employment or income. Will the operator respect your privacy? Will the correct information be given out? Will the call be transferred to the right person? You may be at risk.
Your Data is Secure – The way we receive data from your employer is encrypted and secure, and we protect that information with state-of-the-art security.