Identity Assessment & Authentication

With fraud at historic levels, knowing that you're giving benefits to the right individuals is vital. With our identity service you can rapidly authenticate the identity of your applicants based on definitive data sources. Our cost-effective tools help stamp-out fraud and ensure that benefits go only to those who deserve and need them. A fully automated solution is available via integration.

SSN Verification (SSA-89)

Immediately match an individual's name, date of birth, and SSN directly with the Social Security Administration (SSA) using a SSA-89 consent form.

SSA Death Master File Audit

Determine if the SSN is associated with a deceased individual; the name, date of death, and place of record for the deceased individual will be reported.

Identity Usage & Address History

Assess if the SSN is valid, where and when the SSN was issued, previous addresses, additional SSNs associated with the consumer and/or if multiple identities are associated with the SSN.