Child Support

Collecting on support orders can be a challenge but with the right information, results can be achieved quickly and easily – driving performance and increasing your collections margin.

Equifax is the largest provider of instant employment information – maintaining millions of current employment records direct from thousands of employers nationwide. Child support agencies use our service to rapidly verify the most current income and employment information, online or in batch, to help improve locate rates and deliver immediate results.

Equifax verification services not only assist in locating employment with a simple SSN search, but also provide complete income detail including hours worked, rate of pay, health insurance coverage, etc., by pay period. Our service can accept batch files for large case load submission and returns all employment matches within 24-hours. In addition, employment alerts can be set on any or all of your active caseload for proactive notification of changes in employment, helping you track client movement and enhance program success. Both batch and alert features provide the needed flexibility in meeting large caseload requirements and matching an agency's workflow process.


Leverage The Work Number database to help improve your locate rate on delinquencies. 

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