The federal government and states jointly fund and administer Medicaid at a cost of over $560 billion per year.  This very important program covers 1 in 5 Americans, including many with complex and costly needs for care. Unfortunately, with the cost of fraud and improper payments in the billions, the importance of having access to current applicant information in an efficient and cost effective manner is more important than ever before.

Leveraging The Work Number®, Equifax's proprietary database containing millions of current income and employment records, Equifax Verification Services can provide actionable information to improve program integrity.

  • Clear Medicaid and CHIP backlogs
  • Submit batch renewals through CMS or directly to us.
  • Resolve income inconsistencies

Rely on Equifax Verification Services – a trusted source of income information for Medicaid determination, delivering the most consistent and current view of your Medicaid applicant’s financial situation.

“We try to gain the information without having to burden the customer to provide the information.”

“Actual wages that have been verified carry more weight than client estimates.”

“Want to obtain most reliable documentation.”