Consumer Finance
More loans, less risk, with verified income and employment

Third-party verification of borrower income and employment is a proven best-practice in mitigating fraud and improving loan quality. The Work Number® delivers a concise, instantly available report that verifies the applicant's current employment status and provides payroll income with consumer authorization.

The Work Number is a proprietary database owned by Equifax, and is the largest central source of consolidated income and employment information. The database houses payroll information from tens of thousands of employers nationwide—from Fortune 500 companies to small regional and local employers and the majority of federal government civilian employers.

Leveraging The Work Number provides insight beyond stated income, and eliminates reliance on applicant-provided pay stubs or W-2s. You'll alleviate the burden of manually validating company contact information and calling to verify employment—speed and efficiency gains that can improve customer experience and help you originate more quality loans, faster.



  • Mitigates fraud and improves loan quality
  • Ensures consistent and uniform due diligence
  • Enables growth beyond traditional credit band-driven loan decisions
  • Accessible online, 24/7
  • Information direct from employers, refreshed at every payroll cycle
  • Searchable by SSN