Property Management
Accelerate your tenant screening process while reducing risk

As the housing market fluctuates one thing remains constant: the need for property managers to be able make fast, well-informed decisions about potential applicants. The importance of quality tenant screening is why savvy property managers rely on third-party verifications such as The Work Number® to infuse critical decisioning data into their tenant screening processes.

Credit scores are an excellent indicator of an applicant's payment history, but only verified employment and income can provide a real-time indicator of current ability to pay. The Work Number from Equifax Verification Services helps property managers verify employment and income quickly and with confidence, as the information in our database comes directly from employers and is as fresh as the most-recent payroll cycle.  The Work Number database is the largest central source of consolidated income and employment information. The database houses payroll information from tens of thousands of employers nationwide—from Fortune 500 companies to small regional and local employers and the majority of federal government civilian employers.

In the past, property managers have skipped income and employment verifications, or relied solely on applicant-provided data. Today, there's a better solution that mitigates your risk without adding significant time or work to your screening process. Today, there's Equifax Verification Services.