Income and Employment Verification
Organizations need—and in many cases are required—to verify income and employment to approve someone for credit or new employment. Through The Work Number®, we have many different verification services and products that deliver the 3rd party verification you need—now more than ever.

Delivers key work history data such as start date, tenure and job title directly from employers.

Provides the detailed salary, income and work history information needed to make applicant credit or program qualification decisions.

Income and employment verification are crucial components of information for both dealers and lenders, particularly with subprime auto loans. With the new suite of auto verifications, dealers and lenders can focus on closing deals with third-party, verified information.

Delivers an applicant's business and regulatory listings, as well as information from their tax preparer, if requested.

Allows you to quickly get an updated verification of your borrower’s income and employment information needed for loan closing.

Provides employer-provided, verified income and employment history to perform a post-close audit or to investigate loan repurchases and mortgage insurance rescissions.

Provides portfolio monitoring for continual tracking of income and employment changes on your customer or client portfolio, delivered on demand per your schedule, as authorized by your agreements with your customers or clients.