Property Verification

Improve internal processes with a better understanding of property ownership


Would it be helpful to know if a consumer owns one home or even several? Our automated Property Verification report can help. Property Verification uses county-level property tax data from non-commercial residential coverage on over 99.9% of the U.S. population from more than 3,100 counties.


You can obtain a Property Verification by providing a consumer’s first name, last name and Social Security Number. The Property Verification solution is available via or a system-to-system API integration.


Now you don’t have to log in to another system to get needed property data. Available at,  we now offer the opportunity to purchase property ownership data provided to Equifax by a separate source.  Property Verification reports contain data on over 99.9% of non-commercial residential properties in the US.


  • Name & Social Security Number
  • Name on Deed(s) - Reflect the Buyer(s) or Seller(s) on the latest deed document recorded on the property
  • Property Address - Reflects the property address
  • Property Use - Reflects use of land i.e. Single Family Home, Commercial, Land, etc.
  • Price on Transaction - Latest sales price on the property
  • Transaction Type - Type of transaction i.e. Own, Purchased, Sold, Transferred
  • Parcel Number - Identifier assigned by the county
For more information, contact us. Or if you're a current customer, log in to request a property verification report.